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Quaybridge believes that offshore wind should generate more than clean energy.

In any project we develop a wide range of initiatives with the objective of fulfilling offshore wind’s potential to create high value long-term jobs and enhance coastal communities.

Working as a development team, it is incumbent on us to do all we can to support a just transition and also to ensure our projects have a positive environmental impact. 

To do this, we welcome engagement with stakeholders including supply chain participants, education providers and local environmental groups and authorities - because it's only by working together that we can achieve these objectives.

Our initiatives typically include:

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Early and deep supply chain engagement

Early and deep supply chain engagement: Working with UK companies and innovators throughout the development process to build long-term partnerships, preparing companies for supply to projects both in the UK and globally.

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Boosting skills in the
future workforce

Boosting skills in the future workforce:

Developing a passionate, skilled and diverse future workforce for offshore wind in the UK. We believe, you can’t start this too young. We are working with education providers, to support school level STEM and universities programmes.

Enhancing biodoversity

Enhancing biodiversity:

Working with local nature groups to reduce predation of seabird colonies

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Technology development support

Technology development support:

Next generation offshore wind requires new technical solutions and we are committed to helping bring these to market. Please contact us if you are interested in pre-qualifying for development phase support.

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