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About us

Quaybridge brings together the right competence and commitment needed to deliver on the UK Offshore Wind Sector Deal.  We’ve aggregated decades of frontline offshore wind experience from some of the best developers and engineers in the business.  We are backed by investors with a proven track record in the industry and the financial clout needed to deliver effective and rapid project development.

We believe the most effective way of delivering next generation offshore wind is to actively partner with stakeholders and the supply chain at all levels – doing so at the earliest possible stage and throughout the development process.

With our partners, Quaybridge is currently pursuing exclusive development rights for next generation offshore wind projects in the UK.  

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Offshore wind as a creator of high value jobs and rejuvenated coastal communities – a driver of positive change in our energy system and wider economy.

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A fresh approach and new investment to develop and deliver next generation offshore wind projects. 

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  • Entrepreneurial energy

  • Technical quality

  • Commercial maturity

  • Learning from the past

  • Ready for the future

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