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Inspiring the next generation with Education Scotland


At Quaybridge, we know that inspiring young people can change the world. So, in partnership with Education Scotland, we have produced a careers website to inspire and educate the next generation about the wealth of job opportunities available in the offshore wind sector.


The site introduces students to a range of exciting occupations that are available in the offshore wind industry, including: tracking dolphins; operating a submarine; testing turbine blades the length of football pitches; or planning a wind farm launch party for politicians, councillors, schools, businesses and members of the public.


Visitors to the site can gain insight into the range of skills required to progress an offshore wind farm from an idea, through the planning process, into construction and operation. The resources are tailored for junior and secondary school students, and are free to use – ensuring teachers, pupils and parents get access to the best educational resources on the offshore wind industry.


Zoe Barnes, Strategy Manager at Quaybridge comments, “Working with Education Scotland to produce this resource has enabled us to address significant gaps in available material around the diversity of roles within the offshore wind sector. We are planning to build offshore wind projects now that will be managed by the schoolchildren of today. We need their passion and skills to deliver and operate these exciting projects. Next Generation Offshore Wind means more than just the latest technology and business models. It’s also about creating opportunities for future generations and that starts with giving every child in Scotland the chance to learn more about this vibrant industry.”

"That's really cool! I want to be an underwater submarine pilot!"
IB age 8

“I didn’t realise you could have a job in offshore wind that wasn’t engineering-based.”
CB age 13

Visit our offshore wind careers pages and feel free to share them with schools, students and parents.






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