Inspiring the next generation with Education Scotland


At Quaybridge we know that inspiring young people can change the world. We are working with Education Scotland to inspire and educate the next generation about offshore wind.

How many children know that they can work in the offshore wind industry, tracking dolphins, testing turbine blades the length of football pitches or planning a wind farm launch party? Our work with Education Scotland is about deepening young peoples understanding of offshore wind industry, building on the basics and showing what an exciting sector it is.


Quaybridge is supporting Education Scotland in providing additional primary school level materials related to renewable energy, ensuring teachers and pupils across Scotland get access to the best educational resources on wind energy available. We are also looking to address gaps in available material, particularly related to increasing the awareness of the exciting diversity of roles within offshore wind and the skills used in this area.

Zoe Barnes, Strategy Manager at Quaybridge comments “We are excited to be working with Education Scotland on the initiative. For us, Next Generation Offshore Wind means more than just the latest technology and business models. It’s also about creating opportunities for future generations and that starts with enabling every child in Scotland the chance to learn more about this vibrant industry.”








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